Van Life

Part of an ongoing project to investigate the ever-rising housing crisis, Van Life is a documentary that investigates the different lifestyles and backgrounds of those who choose to live in their vehicles.

Shot with a GoPro Fusion, Van Life reveals a snapshot of three individuals, including Foxy parked up at Greenbank View. Following the recording of this film, the road of 20+ vans were evicted with a two-week notice, and the residents of the community have vanished and gone elsewhere.

Ongoing work on this project would be to cover more interviews, such as with Bristol City Council, and other types of alternative-living residents.

Pathetic Simulation

Pathetic Simulation is a first person 360 degree black comedy concerned with themes such as addiction and alienation. 
Chapter 1 places the viewer inside the head of our jaded, misanthropic protagonist as he awakens to find himself at a recovery meeting for alcoholics.

A project shot and produced by Fiona for her Filmmaking degree independently of the course. Scenes from the full production consist of "Being Broken Up With" and "Screaming at a Man so he Runs Away".

Shot on Kodak Pixpro

Edited with Adobe CC

The OthVRs

Fiona is co-founder of The OthVRs. An open 360/ VR/ XR collaborative group based in Bristol. This group’s aim is to encourage a broader and inclusive spectrum of individuals within this emerging media by democratising access to materials, funding and resources. In particular the group is aimed at boosting representation of women, POC, LGBTQ+ and other ‘othered’ and excluded groups through organising skill sharing workshops and ongoing collaborative practice that prioritises flexible access funding to support and facilitate participation.

Paranormal Anxiety

Have you ever had premonitions of the future? Or metaphysical apparitions in your childhood home? 'Paranormal Anxiety' is a supernatural and experimental piece, externalising the internalised world of our narrator, as she spends a night in a strange bed.


An art project by The Othvrs, this piece made by Tessa Ratuszynska, Isla Badenoch, and Fiona Nicholson. Originally made for Veer.TV's #ThroughHerLens competition.

Shot with Kodak Pixpro

Edited with Adobe CC


A 10 minute student documentary following an intimate journey of self-discovery.
An ongoing exploration into the strength of identity, community and labels.

Screened at Wotever DIY Festival 2016.

Traditionally filmed

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