Fi is a 360 / VR Filmmaker, an enthusiast for narrative storytelling and artist-led experimentation in VR, MR, and games. Fi has worked with creators such as Surround Vision, Visualise, Parable VR, Sky VR, and Mammalian Diving Reflex on 360 film productions. Often Fi can be found collaborating with Limina Immersive on exhibitioning content to audiences in VR Theatres, or at festivals around the world.


Co-founder of THE OTHVRS, an open 360/ VR/ XR collaborative group based in Bristol. This group’s aim is to encourage a broader and inclusive spectrum of individuals within this emerging media by democratising access to materials, funding, and resources. Find more information at

Fi's personal art leans towards the darkly comic, while also broaching untouched conversations on the neurodivergent experience.

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